Saturday, June 24, 2017

TAGD Areas

TAGD uses nine "TAGD Areas" to ensure representation on the Executive Committee and to facilitate communication among District Members.  Each TAGD Area is entitled to one representative on the Executive Committee.  If a TAGD Area is not represented by one of the elected offices, the District Members in the TAGD Area elect an Executive Committee Representative.  The official TAGD Area map can be found as an appendix to the TAGD Bylaws.  
TAGD District Members and Representatives by TAGD Area
(* Denotes that the representative serves on the Executive Committee.)
Edwards Carrizo Area
Guadalupe County Groundwater Conservation District, Ron Nauman
Plum Creek Conservation District, Johnie Halliburton
Far West Texas Area
Culberson County Groundwater Conservation District, Summer Webb
Jeff Davis County Underground Water Conservation District, Janet Adams*
Lower Edwards Trinity Area
Comal Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, Emily Weiner
Kinney County Groundwater Conservation District, Genell Hobbs
Kimble County Groundwater Conservation District, Jerry Kirby
Lower Gulf Coast Area
North Texas Area
Clear Fork Groundwater Conservation District, Belynda Rains
Ogallala Area
Upper Carrizo Area
Upper Edwards Trinity Area
Coke County Underground Water Conservation District, Winton Milliff
Crockett County Groundwater Conservation District, Slate Williams
Menard County Underground Water District, Caroline Runge
Upper Gulf Coast Area