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Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District

Contact: Alicia Reinmund-Martinez
General Manager
1124 Regal Row
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 282-8441
Enabling/Major Legislation: Acts 1987, 70th R.S.,ch. 429, General and Special Laws of Texas; Acts 2003, 78th R.S.,ch. 92, General and Special Laws of Texas; Acts 2005, 79th R.S.,ch. 729, General and Special Laws of Texas (HB 2019). Codified at Special District Local Laws Code Chapter 8802 (2005); Acts 2007, 80th R.S.,ch. 1405, General and Special Laws of Texas (HB 747); Acts 2015, 84th R.S.,ch. 975, General and Special Laws of Texas (HB 3405)
Link To Current Enabling Legislation:
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Number Of Counties: 3
Counties Covered: southeastern Travis County, southern, eastern, and central Hays County (non-Edwards only), and northwestern Caldwell County
Income Source: Fees
GCD Population: 100 Thousand-500 Thousand
Community Type: Suburban
Largest Use: Public Water Supply
Selection of Board Members: Elected
Number of Board Members: 5
GMAs: 9, 10
Exempt Wells: PRODUCTION CAPACITY OF CERTAIN EXEMPT WELLS. Notwithstanding the 25,000-gallon production capacity restriction provided by Section 36.117(b)(1), Water Code, a well in the district is exempt under Section 36.117, Water Code, only if the production capacity of the well is 10,000 gallons per day or less.
Reporting Requirements: Yes, for all permitted wells
Reporting Frequency: Monthly - Individual Permits Annually - Limited Product
Meter Requirements: Yes, for all permitted wells
Spacing Requirements: 150 feet from septic and spray area, water tight sewage lines, existing wells, and CEFs. 50 feet from property lines. Setback variances are allowed provided no other site is available due to property constraints. Horizontal distances may be decreased by one foot for every two feet of annular seal depth below upper twenty feet of annular seal. Generally, wells must be spaced a least 150 feet apart unless in aggregate well field (same owner). The GCD may set groundwater production limits on wells completed in Edwards and Trinty Aquifer Management Zones based on analysis of Hydrogeologic Report (aquifer test).
Production Limitations (Non-Exempt Wells): Annual authorized withdrawal limits established by permit, based on reasonable, non-speculative use and avoidance of interference with existing wells. Drought management has mandatory curtailments of authorized use indexed to drought stages, ranging from 20% to 50% for historical Edwards permits, 20%-30% for Trinity permits, and up to 100% for conditional (interruptible) Edwards permits. Production rate limits may be set based on a detemination of potential unreasonable impacts to existing wells or the DFC and curtailments triggered when designated water levels are exceeded in index wells once pumping commences.
Do you have a well plugging program? No
Does your district offer any financial assistance or in kind services for plugging? No
Do you offer water quality testing? Yes
Do you have a newsletter? Yes
How can someone subscribe to your newsletter? Staff subscribes new permittees and applicants. Staff brings sign-up sheet to meetings, etc. Can subscribe on website
Do you offer educational outreach? Yes

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