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Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

Contact: Rick Broun
General Manager
14101 Hwy 290 W. Bldg 100, Suite 212
Austin, Texas 78737
(512) 858-9253
Enabling/Major Legislation: Acts 1999, 76th Leg. (R.S.), HB 3839. Codified as Ch. 8843, Special District Local Laws Code, as a governmental agency and body politic and corporate.
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Number Of Counties: 1
Counties Covered: Western Hays County
Income Source: Fees
GCD Population: 10 Thousand-50 Thousand
Community Type: Rural
Largest Use: Exempt
Selection of Board Members: Elected
Number of Board Members: 5
GMAs: 9
Exempt Wells: N/A
Reporting Requirements: Yes, for all permitted wells
Reporting Frequency: Quarterly
Meter Requirements: Yes, for all permitted wells
Spacing Requirements: Construction of wells and installation of pumps shall be in accordance with the Texas Occupations Code Chapter 1901, ?Water Well Drillers? and Chapter 1902, ?Water Well Pump Installers,? as amended, and the Administrative Rules of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, 16 Texas Administrative Code (?TAC?), Chapter 76, as amended. 50 feet from property lines, setback variances are allowed. The first fifty (50) feet of the well borehole must be three (3) inches larger in diameter than the outside casing diameter. The surface annular space grouting requirement for a well is from the surface to fifty (50) feet below ground level. The grouting requirement for this surface annular seal may be reduced to the interval from the surface to the depth of the first potable water bearing strata, i
Production Limitations (Non-Exempt Wells): Annual authorized withdrawal limits established by permit, based on reasonable, non-speculative use. Drought management has mandatory curtailments of authorized use indexed to drought stages, ranging from 20% to 40%
Do you have a well plugging program? No
Does your district offer any financial assistance or in kind services for plugging? No
Do you offer water quality testing? No
Do you have a newsletter? No
How can someone subscribe to your newsletter? N/A
Do you offer educational outreach? Yes

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