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Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District

Contact: Jim Totten
General Manager
908 NE LP 230
Smithville, Texas 78957
Enabling/Major Legislation: HB 2432 77( R )
Link To Current Enabling Legislation:
Link To management Plan Or Instructions On Where To Find It:
Link To District Rules Or Instructions On Where To Find Them:
Number Of Counties: 2
Counties Covered: Lee and Bastrop Counties
Income Source: Fees
GCD Population: 50 Thousand-100 Thousand
Community Type: Rural
Largest Use: Public Water Supply
Selection of Board Members: Appointed
Number of Board Members: 10
GMAs: GMA 12
Exempt Wells:
Reporting Requirements: All permitted wells
Reporting Frequency: Other
Meter Requirements: All permitted wells
Spacing Requirements: State designated spacing from septic systems and spray areas and 50 ft from property lines. Permitted wells in the Simsboro and Carrizo are subject to spacing based on production rates. Pump capacity less than 500 gpm must be 1,500 ft from wells in the same formation and owned by a different owner. Pump capacity between 501 and 1000 gpm must maintain 2,500 ft of spacing and wells producing at greater than 1,000 gpm must maintain 5,000 ft of spacing.
Production Limitations (Non-Exempt Wells): None
Do you have a well plugging program? No
Does your district offer any financial assistance or in kind services for plugging? No
Do you offer water quality testing? Yes
Do you have a newsletter? No
How can someone subscribe to your newsletter? N/A
Do you offer educational outreach? Yes

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