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Trinity Glen Rose

Contact: George Wissmann
General Manager
6335 Camp Bullis Rd. Ste 25
San Antonio, Texas 78257
(210) 698-1155
Enabling/Major Legislation: Acts 2001, 77th R.S.,ch. 1312, General and Special Laws of Texas; Acts 2003, 78th R.S.,ch. 1332, General and Special Laws of Texas; Acts 2005, 79th R.S.,ch. 1322, General and Special Laws of Texas; Acts 2009, 81st R.S., ch. 381, General and Special Laws of Texas; Codified at Special District Local Laws Code Chapter 8870
Link To Current Enabling Legislation:
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Number Of Counties: 3
Counties Covered: Parts of Bexar, Kendall, and Comal Counties
Income Source: Fees
GCD Population: 100 Thousand-500 Thousand
Community Type: Suburban
Largest Use: Public Water Supply
Selection of Board Members: Elected
Number of Board Members: 5
GMAs: 9
Exempt Wells: PWS wells whose plans were submitted and approved by TCEQ prior to Spetember 1, 2001 and drilled, cased, and completed prior to September 1, 2002 are exempt from District regulation even if the well is capped for subsequent placement into service as part of a public water system
Reporting Requirements: All permitted wells and some exempt wells as authorized by Chapter 36
Reporting Frequency: Monthly
Meter Requirements: Yes
Spacing Requirements: Wells must comply with Bexar County regulations with regards to on-site sewage facilities (i.e. 1.5 acres of usable land outside right-of-way dedications and easements); TAC Chapter 76 spacing requirement from sources of pollution; Distances given for separation of wells from sources of potential contamination may be decreased to a minimum of 50 feet provided the well is cemented with positive displacement method to a minimum of 100 feet to surface or the well is tremie pressured filled to a depth of 100 feet to the surface provided the annular space is three inches larger than the casing; For wells less than 100 feet deep, the cement slurry, bentonite grout, or bentonite column shall be placed to the top of the producing layer; Public Water System Wells must comply with the 150-foot sanitary c
Production Limitations (Non-Exempt Wells): N/A
Do you have a well plugging program? No
Does your district offer any financial assistance or in kind services for plugging? No
Do you offer water quality testing? No
Do you have a newsletter? Yes
How can someone subscribe to your newsletter?
Do you offer educational outreach? Yes

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