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Westex Groundwater Conservation District

Contact: Dale Adams
General Manager
100 E. 3rd street Suite 305 B
Sweetwater, Texas 79556
Enabling/Major Legislation: Some water districts include several counties; however, Nolan County petitioned the Texas Legislature to form its own district. The 77th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3659, allowing for the creation of the Wes-Tex Groundwater Conservation District (Groundwater Conservation District),which is to consist entirely of Nolan County. Voters confirmed the District formation in November of 2002.
Link To Current Enabling Legislation:
Link To management Plan Or Instructions On Where To Find It:
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Number Of Counties: 1
Counties Covered: Nolan County
Income Source: Tax
GCD Population: Less than 5 Thousand
Community Type: Rural
Largest Use: Agricultural
Selection of Board Members: Both
Number of Board Members: 9
GMAs: 7
Exempt Wells: N/A
Reporting Requirements: 30 wells across the county
Reporting Frequency: Monthly
Meter Requirements: No
Spacing Requirements: All Irrigation or Non-Exempt Wells, regardless of casing diameter must be spaced a minimum of 300 feet from the nearest property line and a minimum of 600 feet from any existing well.
Production Limitations (Non-Exempt Wells): N/A
Do you have a well plugging program? No
Does your district offer any financial assistance or in kind services for plugging? No
Do you offer water quality testing? Yes
Do you have a newsletter? No
How can someone subscribe to your newsletter? N/A
Do you offer educational outreach? programs for service clubs and schools along with News Media. Etc..

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